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by Paolo Fasce

Paolo Fasce Paolo Fasce was born in Genoa on the 14th May of 1967. He's an Electronic Engineer from the University of Genoa. He's thesys was a work about a project to building a chip based on a circuit architectury with non linear components, the goal is to implement chaos in order to have a random hardware generator for a neural network. Prof. Daniele D. Caviglia , and Ms. Giovanna Morgavi was supervising the writing of this thesis.

Program used are Matlab, Pspice, Hspice and Cadence potentialities for the technical and computing aspect, and MS Windows XP and MS Office for the rest.
This thesis is connected, in some ways, a result of the Erasmus program, carried out at Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Louvain la Neuve (Belgium) under the supervision of Prof. Paul Jespers with the contribution of Mr. Alberto Viviani .
Paolo Fasce's native language is Italian. He is able to communicate both orally and writing in French and English. He can also speak the dialect of Genoa. Unfortunatly, his knowledge of Latin is, by now, just a thing of the past.
Paolo Fasce manages the Labyrinth site, and others, so he is a modest html-er, asp-er, javascript-er.
Paolo FasceHe is also a role playing game author. He published for Qualitygames in the collection TwoThousandRoles, The 2000's role playing games at 2000 liras "De Eloquentia - Between the role-playing game, diplomacy and debate", written with eigth hands (and maybe more) along with Teo Mora , Alessandro Gatti and Paolo Parrucci.
Organizer and tireless guardian of cultural events, Paolo Fasce is president of the Genoa - Role playing games Association - LABYRINTH (founded in the 1987 with Alessandro Gatti, Flavio Azzarelli , Marzio Spairani , Bruno Ferraccioli and Chiara Fasce), he was president of the Italian Othello Federation (he founded the Regional commitee of Liguria), of the Game Board of the Italian Sports Center of Genoa, in addiction to being President and holder of other positions in different smaller Organizations. He also managed CNOSSO, the first Italian telematic magazine dedicated to role playing games on the Italian Videotel (*523987#), unfortunatly abbandoned due to the success of Internet and the sad decline of Italian Videotel. Through his initiative the Litterary competition "The best adventure for the Role Playing Game" was born. He was the Chairman of the panel of judges, under the expert organizational and technical direction of Alessandro Gatti. The President is, Luca Giuliano, now. The award ceremony were held at the "Italian Festival of Games" and at the "Lucca Games".
Pamela Again thanks to his idea, with the excellent collaboration of Luca Scabbía; , the Labyrinth Association proposed and curried out the National Championship of "The call of Cthulhu" sponsored by Agonistika , Federgiochi and, on a lesser scule, Stratelibri. The Final Championship were held at the Italian Festival of Games in Gradara, first, and then in Urbino.
Paolo's most recent initiative was to organize a competition to receive the title of "The Genoa Game-Player of the Year" (since 1996). This competition is based on 12 different games [Othello, King, Risk!, Cirulla, Quarto!, Whist, Strange Games, Pyraos, Monopoly, Atlantic Wars, Axis & Allies and Miniature golf, for the first edition, and for the second edition Cirulla, King, Hearts and Whist (cards category), Atlantic Wars, Risk!, Axis & Allies, Monopoly, maybe Pictionary, Visual Game and Trivial Pursuit (Board category), Strange Games, Othello, Italian Checkers and Miniature golf (mind and other category)]. Nearly 200 people partecipated in the 1996 edition (the winners were Massimo Gandolfo, and Stefania Mangini in the female category).
This initiative, organized by Labyrinth and by the Game Board of the Italian Sports Center of Genoa, is sponsored by MazURKA!, a Genoa comics magazine. Paolo manages the game and music topics togheter with Alessandro Gatti.